Joseph Aubele

PhD Student

UC Irvine

I am currently a PhD student at UC Irvine, advised by Dr. Young-Suk Kim. I have two different, but equally important, research interests: reading and writing processes & misinformation. I have always been interested in reading and writing processes considering their importance in learning and the cognitive demand that both of these tasks entail. I am primarily interested in higher order and metacognitive processes entailed with reading and writing.

Misinformation is a topic I was exposed to while I was Lab Manager at the University of Minnesota’s Reading + Learning Lab. The importance and relevance of this topic was immediately obvious and although it took me some time to also view myself as a misinformation researcher, it is now something I fully embrace and am constantly asking questions about.

Both of these topics are near and dear to my heart and ones that I would like to concurrently pursue as my academic career develops and blossoms.


  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing Comprehension
  • Misinformation


  • PhD in Education, Anticipated 2024

    UC Irvine

  • BA in Psychology, 2018

    Arizona State University