Joseph Aubele

PhD Student

UC Irvine


I am currently a PhD student at UC Irvine, advised by Dr. Young-Suk Kim. I have two different, but equally important, research interests: reading and writing processes & misinformation. I have always been interested in reading and writing processes considering their importance in learning and the cognitive demand that both of these tasks entail. I am primarily interested in higher order and metacognitive processes entailed with reading and writing.

Misinformation is a topic I was exposed to while I was Lab Manager at the University of Minnesota’s Reading + Learning Lab. The importance and relevance of this topic was immediately obvious and although it took me some time to also view myself as a misinformation researcher, it is now something I fully embrace and am constantly asking questions about.

Both of these topics are near and dear to my heart and ones that I would like to concurrently pursue as my academic career develops and blossoms.


  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing Comprehension
  • Misinformation


  • PhD in Education, Anticipated 2024

    UC Irvine

  • BA in Psychology, 2018

    Arizona State University







Graduate Research Assistant


Dec 2019 – Present PIs: Danielle McNamara, Panayiota Kendeou & Carol Connor
Our aim is to develop an online, automated reading strategy tutor that provides instruction and practice designed to improve deep comprehension for students in a critical, yet under-supported, time of reading development: 3rd and 4th grades

Graduate Research Assistant

Converse 2 Learn

Oct 2019 – Present PIs: Mark Warschauer & Andres Bustamante
This project is focused on using an intelligent conversational agent embedded in the PBS Kids TV show, Elinor Wonders Why to create an interactive show to teach children different science concepts. The goal of this project is to amplify the educational value of watching TV by making it more interactive

Research Specialist

Technology-Based Early Language Comprehension Intervention (TeLCI) & Early Language Comprehension Individualized Instruction (ELCII)

Aug 2018 – May 2019 PIs: Panayiota Kendeou & Kristen McMaster
These projects were both intensive interventions to improve kindergarteners (ELCII) and 1st graders (TeLCI) inferencing ability. Students would watch videos and then an animated character would ask them inferencing questions and provide feedback in order to improve their inferencing ability.

Recent Publications

Hedged Language and Partisan Media Influence Belief in Science Claims

Sources of scientific information vary in partisanship and epistemic stance toward science. The current study examined how hedged …

From Theory to Practice: Implications of KReC for Designing Effective Learning Environments.

The Knowledge Revision Components (KReC) framework outlines the cognitive processes underlying revision of inaccurate or misconceived …


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